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Slayers Scythe Mʔ

The Slayers Scythe Mʔ is a mystical magical item found in Buffy the Vampires universe. From my limited research its powers are not known to the fullest so I get to have fun and make something all my own.
Slayer Scythe

Slayers Scythe Mʔ

Weapon (battleaxe), artifact(requires attunement)
Mʔ seeks out a worthy warrior to wild it during a time of strife and peril. It seeks a champion of light and one good of heart. Yet darkness can corrupt this weapon as it does all things.
While attuned to this weapon you are proficient with it and it has the finesse property.

Magic Weapon.

Mʔ grants a +3 bonus to attack and damage rolls with it. Mʔ also functions as a Bracers of Defense, Weapon of Warning, Mace of Disruption(no light), Defender and Vorpal Sword(undead and fiend only,on a cirt not just on a 20),

Random Properties. Slayers Scythe Mʔ has the following random properties:
2 minor beneficial properties
1 major beneficial properties
1 minor detrimental property
Properties of Slayers Scythe Mʔ
Strength Score becomes 26, unless it is already higher.
Dexterity Score becomes 24, unless it is already higher
Constitution Score becomes 28, unless it is already higher

One more from the top:

Once every seven days if the attuned wilder of this magical weapon would be slain they are instead treated as if True Resurrection was cast upon them.Excelsior:A spell caster attuned to this weapon is treated as two levels higher for determining spell slots. If a caster can prepare spells they can prepare spells from their available list. If a caster knows spells they may pick a number of spells equal to half their casting ability modifier of spells to know. All normal spell slots increase by one, even if this would put them over total spell slots they can normally have.
Destroy Undead. You may Destroy Undead like the Cleric ability the CR your may Destroy is ⅓ your level.


1/day each: Foresight, Gate, Wish.
When you use this magic weapon to cast the Wish spell, you are still limited to the restrictions of the wish spell. In addition if your fail on the 33% chance this item loses all magic properties. It still functions as a silver battleaxe.

Destroying Slayers Scythe Mʔ.

To destroy Mʔ you must first slay the person attuned to it in single combat. Then you must perform an ancient ritual where you bathe the Mʔ in the blood of 1000 slayers during an equinox blood moon.

If you want to know why I did what I did ask.

I used Slayer Scythe and for lore.

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5e Buffy Homebrew Vampire Weapon

Posted by r0zzin October 13, 2019

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