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Feats Options for 5e Homebrew

5e Homebrew Options

Below you will find my homebrew options for use with 5th edition dungeons and dragons. It may not be the best thing as players will end up with lots of feats. I am using this with other homebrew and think it works well with Character Options: Talents (5e)

There are many pros and cons to this and I know one con is that with all the feats players may get a bit strong. My thought is that if a player has access to it then so does a monster or NPC.

By removing the standard ASI progression also removes from the fighter and rouge, who normally end up with more ASIs then other classes. All classes loose something as they have dead levels now. This can be changed by giving a feature to a class that ads more flare.

The thing is the player should not get something for nothing. You can limit the feats to have flavorful prerequisites that fit in with the Role Play aspect of the game.


Ability score improvement(ASI) are no longer gained the way the PHB states. Instead you will be working on the feats you want and buy them with XP.

You are to be working on three feats at all times represented by a slots.

One: Lucky
Two: ASI Dexterity
Three: Mage Slayer

The base cost of a feat or ASI is 1000 XP it then goes up by 1000 so the next time the slot is used it would be 2000 then 3000 and so on. Each slot starts at the base of 1000 XP so if you spent 1000 XP on slot one, slot two and three still cost only 1000 XP

Once you learn a feat or gain an ASI, you will replace the slot with a new feat or ASI you are working on.

Base feats should change. If a feat would gives you a +1 to an ability score it no longer does. A feat may become stronger while others get weaker.

This does not alter the way you gain levels. Experience goes into leveling as normal and it is not divided up. You gain levels at normal rate and your total XP value is a way to keep track of how much you spend on feats.

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5e Homebrew

Posted by r0zzin September 26, 2019

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