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Calling All Creators: Let’s Build a TTRPG Together!

Greetings, adventurers!

I have an exciting project in the works, and I need your help to bring it to life. I’m embarking on the creation of a brand-new tabletop role-playing game, code named Medieval Carnage. This is an ambitious endeavor, and I’m looking for fellow creators, storytellers, and gamers to join me in shaping this epic adventure.

What is Medieval Carnage?

Medieval Carnage is envisioned as a dark and gritty TTRPG set in a brutal medieval world. Think intense battles, complex characters, and a rich, immersive setting. But to make this vision a reality, I need your input and creativity.

How You Can Help

  • World-Building: Help design the world, from its lore and geography to its cultures and history.
  • Character Development: Create intriguing NPCs, heroes, and villains that bring the game to life.
  • Mechanics and Rules: Contribute to the game mechanics, ensuring they are balanced, engaging, and fun.
  • Art and Design: If you’re an artist or designer, your skills can help shape the visual aesthetic of Medieval Carnage.

Join the Creative Team

This is a collaborative project, and everyone’s contributions are welcome. Whether you’re a seasoned game designer or a passionate gamer with great ideas, your input is valuable.

If you’re interested in joining this creative adventure, please reach out via the contact page or leave a comment below. Let’s build something incredible together!

Thank you for your support and creativity. I can’t wait to see what we can achieve as a community.

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Posted by r0zzin June 15, 2024

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